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ExpediCARE - Corporate Contracts


Whether it's for a few days, a week, a month or more, we offer customized corporate solutions for your business and special offers for your employees.

Our corporate packages include options for damage coverage according to your fleet policy and a diverse vehicle fleet for all your transportation needs. 

Contracted rates will provide full cost predictability and the security of having attractive rates with no hidden costs, no matter the time of the year. In this way you will not have to lose time to hunt the best offer or pay double in the high season as we guarantee special conditions throughout the year. Choose the most suitable car and we will deliver it to your location, fully prepared for the trip. Your dedicated consultant will be more than happy to assist through the entire process and oversee that the process is fast, easy and comfortable for you.

What are the benefits of ExpediCARE?


  • ♦ Master agreement for all the future rentals – sign the contract only once
  • ♦ Have the vehicle only when you need it
  • ♦ Dedicated account manager
  • ♦ You can choose between a subscription based type of contract or a pay-per-use type


  • ♦ Centralized monthly invoices
  • ♦ Detailed statistics for the vehicles utilized
  • ♦ Comprehensive insurance with deductible, no deposits required
  • ♦ Optimized costs with the fleet
  • ♦ Special discounts for your employees



  • ♦ Well-equipped fleet with included maintenance and repairs
  • ♦ 24/7 road assistance
  • ♦ Seasonal tire change
  • ♦ Door-to-Door delivery
  • ♦ Free additional driver


ExpediPLAN – medium and long term car rental for your business


In a competitive business environment, circumstances change fast, and you should always be prepared. Long term leasing contracts may provide a stable way to budget your fleet costs, but are they really that flexible when you need it?

ExpediPLAN is a medium and long term corporate car rental product, designed as flexible solution that allows you to adapt your mobility needs in-sync with changes in your business, and offers you the stability of a long term leasing contract, without its restrictive conditions.

We provide you with a worry-free car usage, and you can return the vehicle any time after the first month of renting, without additional costs. Choose your vehicles and you’re ready for business!

ExpediPLAN is the best choice for you if:

  • ►  You want to expand the business in a different location
  • ►  You need a quick mobility solution for specific projects
  • ►  You have a seasonal business activity, and you need to supplement your fleet only in a specific period of the year
  • ►  You need mobility for temporary employees


What are the benefits of ExpediPLAN?


  • ♦ Simple, clear and transparent contracts
  • ♦ You can adjust the contract at any time, according to your needs
  • ♦ Free of charge early termination, after the first month
  • ♦ Dedicated account manager for professional consultancy


  • ♦ Business expenses partially or fully deductible
  • ♦ Monthly payment by bank transfer or credit card
  • ♦ Detailed reports for the vehicles used
  • ♦ Centralized invoices
  • ♦ Comprehensive insurance with deductible, no deposits required



  • ♦ Well-equipped fleet with included maintenance and repairs
  • ♦ 24/7 road assistance
  • ♦ Seasonal tire change
  • ♦ Door-to-Door delivery
  • ♦ Free additional driver

Mobility Insurance text

Mobility Insurance - replacement vehicle whenever you need it


We know the importance of business continuity and we developed a special product that ensures your mobility 24/7.

Nowadays we have insurance policies for all the important aspects of our business and personal life. Why not having one that ensures mobility? Imagine not being able to go to an important meeting due to an accident or vehicle breakdown.

Our mobility insurance solution is specially designed to cover any unpredictable event and ensure you can reach your destination as planned.

You can choose the appropriate package for you and benefit from the freedom of full mobility.

Our experts will be there to save the day whenever you may need it.  With a 24/7 call center available, our consultants will guide through the entire process in case of an accident or breakdown and deliver a vehicle so you can safely continue your trip.

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